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My legs are tightly closed together because I can feel Mason's cum dripping out of my entrance and its starting to leak down the top of my thigh! I freeze, not daring to make another move. Without a word, I begin to kiss him, slowly parting his lips with my tongue, probing deeper into his mouth, I need to taste him, tease him, absorb him! I absolutely love kissing this man, his taste, his intoxicating smell, his soft lips, his smooth tongue, the inside of his warm mouth

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. He continues whispering against my neck: I have never, ever fucked anyone the way I just fucked you and you simply blow me away! I am completely, totally and utterly all fucked out, but at the same time I've never felt so complete and content in my entire life!! I giggle and simply nod, not yet trusting myself to speak!! Suddenly, I have this vivid vision of RK walking in on us at exactly this precise moment and I jerk roughly underneath Mason, just as the sound of a car door slams! Mason practically jumps off me and I get up off the couch, just managing to slide my minidress back down over my thighs, clamping them tightly together and smoothening my damp hair back into place as best as I can! Mason curses under his breath, hissing at me: Phoenix!! I need to put on my fucking jeans! The front door opens and I straighten up against the edge of the couch, smiling sweetly at RK as he walks into the lounge.

. She licked up the K-Y as well as my cum and she wanted more. I got to sit on my Aunt’s left side and that allowed me a little peek at her white bra through the puckered areas of her shirt

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Aunt Jessie helped Mary down off the desk holding her robe so that she walked out of it as she approached me.


He was a tall guy, about 6’2” so slightly shorter than me, with light brown short hair which was swept forward. I gave him a quick smile as I headed out of the toilets and back to the bar Village Superchub Jiggles In SlowMotion Anime Trio. I was a little bewildered but I looked down at his cock which he had gently grasped with his right hand “You too” I replied I finished off, zipped up and made my way over to the sinks to wash my hands
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Marie Gili-Pierre - La mer a boire (2001)

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